UCU Congress tells Lambeth College: “Your fight is our fight!”

UCU have made us some stickers

The importance of our struggle is being recognised across the Further and Higher Education sectors. Members from Lambeth College UCU last week attended UCU Congress and  the dispute and strike action at Lambeth College were discussed and referenced time and time again as an example of where members are standing up against attacks on their conditions.

Further and Higher education plays a hugely important role in improving people’s lives and UCU President Simon Renton gave a passionate speech about this, underscoring the wider significance of the Lambeth College dispute. Lambeth College delegate and longstanding staff member Ivan Cartright spoke eloquently about the fight in our workplace and why it’s so crucial that we win.  In her speech UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt promised that UCU would back Lambeth College until we win our dispute.

Delegates were given stickers saying “Lambeth UCU Your Fight is Our Fight” to take back to their workplaces, and it is this message which is key. UCU members in every college and university in the country will now display their solidarity and in doing so will be showing their managements  that they support our strike.

Over £800 in buckets was collected on the conference floor and also cheques from branches round the country, as well as invites to speak at other branches. It is vital that we win our dispute to send a message that workers will not accept these drastic attacks. With your support we can show college managers that they cannot tear up staff conditions at will, at Lambeth College or anywhere else.

For more information on our hardship fund, see our donations page.



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