Strike day 2: Unison to join strike


Yesterday was another wet day on the picket line, but the weather didn’t dull the enthusiasm of the Lambeth College pickets, who were there from 7am to late in the afternoon.

Our meeting at 11.00 had a report from a meeting between our representatives and those of the college governors; this looks like it could be a useful forum for getting our views across. We also heard from a speaker from Greenwich Community College highlighting disputes with their management that are very similar to ours. It served as a useful reminder why this struggle is so important.

Delegations from the strike went to speak to union branches at Hackney Community College and London South Bank university as well as some NUT branches and came back with offers of solidarity and buckets of money for the strike fund.

At lunchtime, we heard the biggest news of the day – Unison have notified the college that they will be joining the strike on Wednesday and Thursday next week, with escalating action to follow. This really will strengthen our action and show that the staff at the college stand together against the attacks on our terms and conditions.

We’ll be back bright and early tomorrow, setting up our ‘Street’ outside the Clapham campus where you’ll be able to try lots of different things.

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