Lambeth College boss gets biggest pay hike in London

It was revealed yesterday that Lambeth College management gave the principal Mark Silverman a massive 12.9% pay rise last year – the highest increase for any London college.

Analysis of pay for all London college bosses reveals a “handful of handsome rises” with Lambeth College topping the chart.  UCU analysed the pay of all the capital’s college principals (see table here) and discovered that half of London’s college bosses saw their pay remain the same or fall between 2012 and 2013.

Staff at Lambeth College have not had any sort of pay rise for four years, yet the principal’s post received a £17,000 increase in just one year to take the salary up to £149,000. We were shocked to hear about this  generous bonus, given that Lambeth College management justify their new contracts in the name of efficiency and savings.

We have now been on strike for 9 days in protest at the imposition of these new contracts and were joined by members of UNISON on Wednesday and Thursday. The contracts  create a two-tier workforce with new staff on inferior terms that  increase working hours, cut sick pay, reduce holiday entitlements and cut pay for hourly-paid staff. We will not accept this attack on our working conditions, especially when the management see fit to ‘reward’ the principal with a pay increase at the same time. Where is the reward for teaching and support staff who work so hard in the interests of  students and the college? As UCU regional official Una O’Brien has said, ‘The message this sends to students and staff at Lambeth is that while others must tighten their belts, those at the top will carry on regardless.’

The time has come for the principal to talk to staff and the unions so that we can end the dispute and get on with serving the community in our college.


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One response to “Lambeth College boss gets biggest pay hike in London

  1. June Dyson

    Just feel so sick about this. I worked there for 31 years and loved it. What I’m hearing now is absolutely disgusting. People on strike for their colleagues will receive no pay, let alone a 12% pay rise. Something should be done about the management who gave this rise to the Principal. Scandalous is an understatement!

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