Week 3 update

Lambeth strike

The strike continues, more members have joined us in the last week, our strike fund is at over £17,000 and today we heard the great news that Unison are striking for three days next week. Support in the community and among students is still high; our resolve remains strong.

Union negotiators met with management yesterday and unfortunately management are still refusing to withdraw the new contracts. They have not provided us with any evidence  of how much money these attacks on our terms and conditions  will save. We are prepared to negotiate on underlying issues such as flexibility and sickness to find a solution and have reiterated this to management. Unions are committed to the future of the college  and keen to share our ideas about how we can ensure this under our current terms and conditions.

We were also extremely disappointed to find out that our college principal was awarded a 13% per cent pay rise – the biggest rise in London – while staff at the college have had a pay freeze for 4 years. Alongside this, the current attack on our terms on conditions make staff question whether they are valued.

We continue to receive inspiring support from union branches across the country and on Tuesday Lambeth strikers spoke at a lively meeting in Deptford about cuts to provision at Lewisham and Southwark College. Members have also been speaking at UCU, NUT, Unison and other union branch meetings in London and more widely. Today we had a fantastic rally outside UCU Headquarters to lobby the AoC’s pay negotiations where there we speakers from colleges in Bradford and Hull, as well as Tower Hamlets and City and Islington college.

Our fight continues. Join our picket lines outside the Vauxhall, Brixton or Clapham campuses and stay up to date with the latest news and events by subscribing to this website. Follow @LambethStrike on Twitter and Like our Facebook page Solidarity with Lambeth College.  You can also sign our petition at: https://www.ucu.org.uk/defendlambethucu.



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