Nationwide support – THANKS!!

The solidarity on show yesterday for the UCU national day of action for our strike was truly amazing. Members spoke at solidarity rallies at other colleges and messages of support flooded in throughout the day via Twitter, Facebook and email. Check out the UCU Wall of Support for more on this – the messages and pictures of support from around the country are overwhelming. Click the link below to see – and keep scrolling…

UCU Wall of Support for Lambeth College


One of the most positive things about this strike for Lambeth union members has been the opportunity to visit other workplaces and talk to people about our dispute. You can read about one person’s positive experience here: Branch visits: inspiring support. The map and pictures below show just some of the places we have visited; you can move the map around and zoom in to see the different places we’ve been to. We’ve had invites to speak all across the country and have received incredibly generous donations too.

We have been utterly overwhelmed by the support shown to us throughout this dispute and the solidarity on display today has been inspirational. The message “Your fight is our fight” shows us that we’re not alone and it strengthens our resolve.



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