Staff and students on the picket line – Lambeth College strike update

Picket line at Brixton today

Staff and students on the picket line at Brixton today

Today saw the 2nd strike day in the second round of our campaign against the new contracts. And yet again the support has been tremendous. Around forty students joined the picket lines at Brixton as part of today’s student strike against ESOL learning conditions. We also had an early morning visit by the President of the TUC, Leslie Manasseh. He expressed his support for our cause and has pledged to contact the principal urging him to talk to the unions to put an end to the dispute.
Again the strikes were fantastically solid across the college. More strikers are beginning to join us and new members are joining UCU. This building of momentum shows that the branch is angry about the new contracts but also angry that the principal will still not negotiate with the unions.

Student strike

Staff have been brought in to cover classes, but 1 of the temporary staff walked out yesterday when they realised they were being asked to break the strike. They refused to cross our picket line, contacted the TUC and got a message of support through to the branch.
Tomorrow we will have picket lines as usual at all 3 centres from 7.30am onwards, followed by a rally outside the Clapham Centre at 11.30am.
Please join us to hear about the week’s events and catch up on the latest strike news.
See you all tomorrow
Best wishes
Lambeth College UCU

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