Special conference: What is Further and Adult Education for? – 5/7/14

**Update – the venue for this event will be City Heights school, Somerleyton Road, Brixton SW2 8ND Registration £5 starts 11am**
Special conference: What is Further and Adult Education For?
  •  1 million 16-24 year olds unemployed
  • 15% 16-64 year olds have no qualifications
  • Government and employers solution is to sack 2,000 lecturers
 Lambeth College UCU and UNSION  invite you to attend a conference  to discuss how we can ensure that we protect and expand Further and Adult Education. There will be a number of forums including:
·         What is happening to FE funding and how do we get more: This session will look at how Further and Adult Funding works and how we can campaign for more.


·         ‘Employability’ the new mantra: This session will be looking at the government and college managements attempts to channel Further and Adult education down a narrow skills path. It will explore ways that a real vocational and academically driven curriculum could work.


·         Alternative FE: Towards a charter for Further and Adult Education: In this session all attendees will be invited to work together to put forward ideas of how we can create a Further and Adult education which is responsive to the needs of the communities we serve. These ideas will then go forward  to create a campaigning charter for all those working in the sector  to lobby MPs, employers and college managements.


·         Closing session: Organising to win: This closing session will bring together the days discussions and outline how we can start to bring about change in the institutions we work in on a national and local level.
Evening: Lambeth College Solidarity benefit gig

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  1. What’s the venue for this?

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