Solidarity with Lambeth College

We have been overwhelmed by the number of donations that we have received so far towards our strike hardship fund. All money received strengthens our fight.


Please make cheques payable to J. Eldon and send to:

Mandy Brown
c/o Lambeth Trades Council,
Hambrook House,
Porden Road,

Bank details

  • Halifax
  • Acc Name: J Eldon.
  • Sort Code: 11- 01- 07.
  • Acc No: 11242869

Workplace collections

Many colleges have already organised workplace collections. If you would like to do this at your workplace you can use the collection sheet below:

Collection sheet


You can also donate money to us by buying the song ‘Gimme Some Education’ by Zero HRS – available via Bandcamp or by coming along to one of our fundraising events

24 responses to “Donations

  1. Geoff Smith

    Good Luck Comrades.
    In Solidarity I salute your bravery and good sense.
    Stay solid and you will win.
    Enjoy your time on the picket line and play some funky music.
    Dancing pickets always weakens the resolve of management.
    Almost forgot, a cheque for £50 is winging it’s way from North Yorkshire

  2. JP

    50 quid donated wish could be more. This dispute has national significance & cannot be allowed to fail by UCU nationally.

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  4. Pól Ó Ceallaigh

    Just so you know, Oxford & District Trades Union Council has decided to make a small donation of £50.00 to your Strike Fund. Pól Ó Ceallaigh, President, ODTUC

  5. Celia Hutchison

    Manchester District of the Socialist Workers Party and friends send solidarity greetings. I’ve deposited £92 into your bank account. This was collected at a meeting to commemorate 30 years since the miners’ strike. After a good discussion, we collected £184, half of which has been sent to striking miners in South Africa.

    Keep going you are an inspiration.

  6. £200 will make its way to you from the Unite Housing Workers LE/1111 Branch, I also got agreement form the Hackney Trades Council to donate another £25, keep fighting !

  7. Eamonn Kelly

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    Stay strong, we are aware that you are fighting for us all, because as night follows day, if bullying management succeed against you, they will come for us next. We collected £65.00 at our reps meeting and will collect some more at our branch meeting tomorrow.
    In Solidarity

    Eamonn Kelly
    UCU Newport Branch
    University of South Wales

  8. Marian

    £100 on its way to you Mandy from Bournemouth. Heard you speak at congress, you’re an inspiration. Your fight is our fight, thank you for fighting back.

  9. Mark Thomas

    Have just donated. Good luck and solidarity Mark Thomas

  10. Martin

    South London Solidarity Federation has just sent you £150. Best wishes on your ongoing struggle

  11. Pura

    I am just posting a cheque for £103.00 collected at TUC LGBT Conference on 27th June 2014. Your brave struggle is an inspiration. Your struggle strengthens our struggle – we won’t stand by and allow our equality gains to be sold out to the business model of public services. Your challenge to privatisation is part of our collective struggle.

    Pura – UCU delegate to TUC LGBT Conference

  12. James Thorne

    Just sent £68, my day’s pay for tomorrow, 10th July.

  13. Caroline King

    £230 donated from Richmond upon Thames College branch members
    in solidarity

    Caroline King
    Branch organiser

  14. Lesley McGorrigan (Yorkshire and Humberside UCU Regional Secretary)

    Yorkshire and Humberside Region of UCU has sent you £200 raised from an auction of two Leeds Festival tickets.

    Your fightback is a lesson to us all in how to tackle ruthless attacks from management. The whole union needs to see you win at Lambeth.

  15. Umit Yildiz, Equality Officer, Bradford College UCU

    Bradford College UCU raised £90 for your strike fund from a book sale; it is in your account now.

    Good luck with your battle. Your fight is our fight.

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