Education Solidarity card 2_March 2914

Support from LSBU students

These are just a small number of the messages of support that we have received. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us – your support makes us stronger!

Support from City and Islington, hope the day goes well!!!
(See photo above)
Hi UCU members at Lambeth.
Solidarity greetings for your strike today. Your fightback against attacks on terms and conditions is a fight to defend education. Michael Gove and the Con-Dem Government are bleeding further education dry with their latest attacks, and your management have turned a drama in to a crisis. We know that if they can get away with it at Lambeth they will try this on elsewhere.
Croydon college has its own problems with pay and hours and teaching and learning, but nothing on the scale of what is being proposed for your college has hit us yet. Best of luck . We are with you.
Margot Hill
Branch Sec on behalf of Croydon College UCU members
Dear Mandy,
Please pass on the warmest solidarity of NUT members at SFX college to your members who are striking tomorrow. Michael Goves attack on the post-16 sector has been relentless, and it is so important that you are making this stand. The outrageous levels of inequality represented by the proposed Harris Westminster Free School is another reminder, if it were needed, that the Free Schools agenda is about a ruthless social Darwinism that starves inclusive education of resources then berates hard-working teachers and lecturers for the results. NUT members at SFX were striking against this whole agenda last Wednesday, and I hope our unions can work together again with united action in the near future.
Solidarity forever
Andy Stone
(NUT rep, ST Francis Xavier College)
On behalf of Chesterfield College UCU branch I would like to send you our full support and solidarity for your strike tomorrow in defence of your terms and conditions and against new contracts.
Your branchs excellent vote for strike action demonstrates the fantastic resolve of your members to confront these unnecessary and vicious attacks on terms and conditions. We wish you well and well be following your case closely, it provides a great example to us all.
In solidarity,
Allister Mactaggart
Branch Chair
Chesterfield College UCU
Message of support from Southwark NUT
2000 members are right behind you
Michael Davern
Dear Mandy
apologies for not being able to get down to support your branch’s picket lines today.We wish your branchevery success in its vital struggle to defend members AND the FE sector nationally from theausteriocrats in Whitehall and their vastly overpaid local agents in the colleges.
HE members are watching your struggle carefully – a victory for you will give us all a lift.
In solidarity
Dr Adrian Budd
LSBU UCU Secretary
Dear Mandy,
Please let your members know that the London Nautical School NUT group send their support and best wishes to members taking strike action today. We applaud your brave stand against a damaging attack on your pay and conditions and stand with you in your defence of education.
Well done to all who have taken action today – we’re proud of your brave stand.
Love and solidarity,
Bridget Chapman
on behalf of the London Nautical School NUT group
Good luck with the strike and well done for taking this bold step which demonstrates in no uncertain terms your collective resolve to halt the imposition of these unacceptable terms. We are right behind you at London Met.
Richard Payne (LMU UCU Branch Ctte)
Details of Lambeth College UCU strike and GPTU message of solidarity at
Hello Mandy
Good luck with the strike. We’ll be thinking about you! Our side needs a win!
Dear Mandy,
On behalf of the Camden branch of UNISON, I am writing to extend our support to the action UCU members at Lambeth College are taking on Tuesday 01 April against a drastic attack on pay and conditions.Your fight has clear and significant implications for the whole of the workforce in the further education sector both regionally and nationally, and warrants the wholehearted support, not only of the UCU but of the wider trade union movement.
I understand that it’s likely that after the Easter break there will be an all-out strike with very strong backing from the College’s UCU membership and I shall try to ensure that our UNISON branch offers practical support as your branch’s fight escalates.
Best wishes –
In soliarity,
George Binette
Camden UNISON Branch Secretary
Hi Mandy
On behalf of Barnsley Trades Council I would like to wish you every success for your strike tomorrow. Your members are right to oppose the terrible new contracts proposed, and to oppose the sell-off of the Brixton site.
Our Trades Council has been busy supporting the Care UK UNISON strikers from Doncaster who are also resisting appalling pay cuts since they were privatised last year. Their determination to fightback has been inspirational – and they got a similar vote to yourselves when they balloted for action.
You can count on us organising solidarity for you throughout South Yorkshire if you need to take further more prolonged action – and we would welcome a delegation coming up to our area to help with that.
in solidarity,
Dave Gibson (Trades Council chair)Dear Mandy
Attached is a photo of a card signed by 70 students at South Bank University on Tuesday last week.
We congratulate  Lambeth College lecturers on strike next Tuesday. They are standing up to a Government intent on privatising and selling-off huge chunks of the education service.
Chris Kelly
Secretary, Southwark Save Our Services
Dear Mandy,Solidarity greetings from the NUT group at Central Foundation Girls’ school.
Sorry this comes late. I hope you had a good day and have further action planned to ensure you win. Please let me know if you need financial support and we can do a collection.Sheila McGregor
NUT rep
Personal capacity

Hi Mandy,
It was very heartening to read of your branch’s resolve to fight back against the assault on conditions and pay launched by your management.
The only effective answer to such attacks is rapid and escalating action to force management to back off.
I’m certain that if your branch does need to go ahead with the proposed action, once you have won your ballot, UCU members up and down the country will rally to your support. Your situation is clearly one where the outcome is of national significance.
In solidarity,
Laura Miles, NEC
Good luck for your strike tommorow. Solidarity from Coventry socialist party.
Ellen White



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  1. NUJ Manchester & Salford branch

    Solidarity from National Union of Journalists’ Manchester & Salford branch. Good luck with the strike and congratulations on taking such a strong stand. We are discussing a donation towards the dispute at our next meeting

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