Zero meaning contracts

15 years ago I started work at Lambeth college as an ESOL teacher.   I signed a contract.  Not so much a zero hours contract more a zero meaning contract it turns out.   For the principal of Lambeth College has decide mine and my colleagues’ wage bill doesn’t fit his “business plan”.  We have tried to explain to him that he is running an FE college not Pizza Hut. We turn out better people not better pizzas.   Of course our wage bill is expensive –  that’s how it should be.

But lets be clear who the real villains are here.   Not the principal of Lambeth College.  He is merely the lap dog meekly obeying David Cameron and Michael Gove.  What can one say about Michael Gove?   A man who is to education what I am to Rugby League.  And on a note of equality yes it is true everyone has the right to be stupid but he’s abusing the privilege.  So that’s that as far as our contacts go and what’s to be done.

Well we’re striking.   Next week  June 3 all out indefinite strike action.  I ask you please support Lambeth college strikers however you can.  I ask you  support this motion for a national campaign against attacks on conditions.   Lambeth college strikers can win but we want all colleges to be able to win.  I was going to end quoting  Martin Niemoller;  when they came for the Jews but I think Joan Simms in the French revolutionary saga “carry on don’t lose your head” puts things far more eloquently; I don’t mind the equalities and the fraternities but I’m not having the liberties!


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